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computer pause/stop in windows after system runing for a few mins

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winxp pro (haven't upgrate the windows)
p4 3.2 prescott
asus p4c800e dulex
maxtor 6y080p0 80g

Cpu temperature is normal about 45 degree F, and i have test it. i have the newst Bio Version. and every Driver installed in my computer are good working.

however, the problem is, i got virus last week, and then i format my computer. then the problem happen,,,

My computer Pause/stop in windows after system runing for a couple mins.(the mouse can't move, but my mouse is good and in well working condition). even tho the Temperature stays normal.

any one has any sugestion, and what might be the problem???
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when you formatted your drive to remove the virus / did you use the full format or quick format option ??????

The quick format option only partially formats the drive / just the sectors needed to install the OS files.

I prefer to use Boot & Nuke a drive eraser prog to erase a drive to guarantee the virus has been removed .

then you will need to reinstall your OS, patches & updates as well as progs

let us know how you progress / dont hesitate to ask more questions if needed


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Hi, I have had this same problem, and have reformatted (complete not quick) to try and fix this problem. Never had a virus, but usually after waking up from standby, my pc locks for a few seconds and then continues as oif nothing ever happened, so far it's just been an annoyance but hey, since someone else has it too I thought I'd ask.
You may want to run msconfig and see what is loading up during statup, sounds like something is still loading in the background causing the computer to pause.
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