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Computer not turning on

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I've currently got a problem with a computer I'm repairing.

The problem I'm having is the jpw1 (used by the p4 connector) on the motherboard. If the p4 connector is connected to the jpw1 port, the computer does not turn on. However if disconnected, the computer will turn on (i.e. cooling fans, lights, drives etc.)

It was working beforehand but after a routine shutdown of windows update, it seems it doesn't want to turn on. I've disconnected everything that's unnecessary (1 stick of RAM, CD drives etc.) but still with the same problem. I've used 2 different PSUs of the same power but still nothing. :sigh:

Is the motherboard salvageable? :4-dontkno

Computer - Advent 3418 Win XP home
Processor - P4 3.2GHz
Motherboard - TriGem IT865GE (MS 6743)
PSU - Seasonic SS-300GS
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usually not

any leaking or swollen capacitors on the m/board
all capacitors look to be OK, no sign of any damage on them
the symptoms usually indicate the problem is with the m/board

have you tried a cmos reset

booting with no drives connected to see if it posts
Tried the CMOS reset using both ways (battery + switching pins) and removing drives but nothing

I did remove the processor, connected JPW1 port and ran it and it worked. Now I'm pondering whether if its the processor or is it definitely mboard?
can you try the cpu on another board to check it
No I don't have a spare P4 desktop around

However now I'm pretty certain the mboard gone now because now its just switching itself off after pressing the button to turn it on.

Anyway, thanks for the help dai :pray:
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