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this is a computer I built myself.
running Windows XP.
dual Xeon 3.0ghz.
dual monitors using the Nvidia QuadroFX3000 graphics card.
motherboard........can't remember what it is, but I'm pretty
sure its a Tyan.

Its worked fabulously for me; mainly for running Maya 3D
work for the past 3 years. but yesterday, (as it was off)
I unplugged it and moved
it to a new room. I then plugged my computer in and flipped
the power supply to ON...I then tried to turn the computer on...

but NOTHIN!--the little green light is on, but the computer does
absolutely nothing!!!

However, does having all my monitors, keyboard, mouse, etc.
have any barring on why its not turning on? or is this more than
likely a power supply issue?

Please give me an indication of what the problem is more than

thank you so much and I await your response,

ps-the paper between my processor fans is just to keep
them a little quieter from vibrations (which strangely works!)lol


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Well, since you moved it, I would start looking for loose wires/things that were jarred in the move.

It sounds like the PSU is getting power, so I would start by checking the button leads to the mobo, and also check other cabling (remember to disconnect power before playing inside the case).

You should not have to have everything hooked up, it should go without any of that stuff.

Poke around, see if anything fell between the board and the case when it was moved, etc. Hopefully it's something simple!


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when moving it something may have moved
what happens with the fans when you try to start
first try a cmos reset
turn the computer off
remove the power lead from the back
take the side off
remove the cmos battery
move the cmos jumper from pins 1 and 2 to pin 2 and 3 and the back to pins 1 and 2
replace the battery
put the side on
replug in the power lead
boot the computer

there can be 2 solder points you touch with a screwdriver
2 pins you touch with a screwdriver or use a jumper
a cmos clear switch or button
there will be a diagram and instructions in your manual
the video card
the plugs
if no good reset the cpu h/sink you will have to renew the paste

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Hi spazmonkeyy!

Is your psu have a light on the back side of it? Try to see if the light is on when you turned on the computer. If the light is on, then the psu should be alright.

Try to check all the connection of the cable. Is there any beeping sound? Try to connect the monitor, keyboard and try to start computer again, see if there is any message on the monitor?

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nothin....completely nothin!

no light on psu. howver, the little
green light on the front of the computer
is dimly lit...but I was told that it takes
hardly any power whatsoever to light
that little guy...even if the psu is dead,
it could be enough to light that.

getting no fans, or juice of any kind
out of any kind of wiring setup...sure
seems like psu has bit the dust!
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