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Computer not booting up after attempted hardware install (PLEASE HELP)

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Ok....heres the story: I borrow a cd-rw drive from a friend and take out an older one that is already installed on the computer as a primary slave. After plugging it in and connecting all the wires and everything, the monitor turns on but then the system fails to detect any primary of secondary slaves or masters. So i turn it off and set both of the cd drives to cable select and the same thing happens. So then i decide to forget it and take out the new drive and put the old one back in. After doing this, the monitor will not even turn on and the computer does nothing after a few seconds of "booting" sounds from the hard drive. I then try replacing the IDE cable from both the cd drives and hard drive. After doing this, all that happens is i get beeps from computer and the monitor will still not turn on. The moniter itself is working, btw. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below are my system specs.

athlon xp 2000+
256 mb ddr kingston ram
300w power supply
10g maxtor hd
dvd drive
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I'm a little bit confused by your description, but here's my suggestion.

Try to boot it with just the hard drive attached and 3 1/2" drive attached. Once you get that working, try to add the CD.
Leave your secondary IDE port empty. Strip back to the minimum, then build it back.

Describe cleary what is happing. Is your operating system booting and the new drive missing? Does the bios fail to identify the new drives? What operating system are you using? (Win2000 bluescreens when you change drives)

Good Luck. Let us know what happens.

i just set the record for the dumbest manuveur in computers. the reason nothig was working was simply because the video card was partly dislodged when i tried to install the new cd rw drive. So there
I bet you feel the same way I did when figured out that I had accidently plugged the IDE cable into the hard drive backwards and my computer wouldn't boot up :D

Of course, at the time I was only 12 or 13 so I guess it wasn't too dumb...or maybe it was
crooked vidio

Took me 3 hours to find it once, - a slightly bent chassis poped one end of the card up when you tighted the screw.

Gets everyone sooner or later.
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