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Computer not allowing pop up window

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Hello to all, I am new to this forum so forgive me if I repeat a previous question. A computer I am working on will not allow pop up windows to load. The small jscript type of things. I have tried all I know ( not a buff) like setting internet options in IE. Have made sure java is enabled. But the window will open but will not load. Any ideas greatfuly received.
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Some would consider that to be a good thing! :D:D
Try repairing IE. Go into add/remove programs and select internet explorer. Then select the option to repair. Good luck
I will try repairing IE and see what happens. It is annoying when you try to get a pop up(small window) and nothing happens. True it's good that pop up ads don't work,
Thanks, Don
I have tried reloadin IE and even installed IE6 but the problem persists. I know some of you may think no pop ups would be a good thing but it is very annoying when a password dialog box comes up and nothing appears in it, can't get into some of the sites I want to. I am wondering if this could be a JAVA problem??
Any thoughts??

Hello just curios do you have a popupblocker in place.

I have thought of that as a possibility, The problen is on someone elses computer and they have asked me to try and sort it. I have looked through the list of programs but cannot see a pop up blocker. It is a really anoying problem. Any ideas greatfully recieved.
Its still possibly a popupblocker.

For instance

Mine is adshield it's not aprogram that will show up in task manager--it attachs tis (an attachment) so to speak to ie,if thats the case it will be visable in the icon area on taskbar and you can just remove the url from its list ..
im not sure if it'd show up in the addremove ''

Im not a techie .
Or could it be a script error perhaps

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Lonney,I'll take a look in the task bar to see if there is anything there, I'm getting desperate now. Can't let it beat me.
Cheers, Don
Don.lilley, do you have any firewalls installed ? I know that Zone Alarm has a script blocker and pop up blocker, and depending how its setup, you might not even notice that its working. On the other hand, do you get any errors when you try to load that popup ? Check your IE setup :
Tools -> Internet options ->advanced. scroll down to microsoftVM and see if java console and jit compiler are enabled (first and third option) .

try this page to test your java

for shockwave, you can go here :
Merlin. Microsoft vm does not appear in the set up opptions. enable java is there and I have made sure it is enabled.
The small window appears and the little hour glass, but nothing will load into the window. Very annoying when you want to get into a site that is password protected, or for mouse overs that take you to a seperate small window. All suggestions greatfully recieved.
Hello again don.lilley

Try go -tools -add to trusted zone.

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