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computer no boot

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I send the CPU back to AMD thinking its fried.... Its not!!!! Its actually fine. I felt really stupid when AMD told me that

So I put the CPU back into the board and its doing the EXACT same thing. The board is brand new too, only used with this processor.

What it does is:
--all the fans start
--all the drives start spinning
--no boot sequence starts (no bios, no speaker)
--all LED's light up

--I tried another power supply
--Tried removing RAM and booting (same effect)
--Also tried putting RAM in different slots (same effect)
--Removed ALL cards (even vid) and got the same effect

I considered puttin it on the other mobo, but AMD said a whole bunch of stuff about if i remove the heatsink I should reapply thermal paste and blah blah blah, so I was thinking not to mess with it.

After all this i think its the RAM, but I would like any other input I can.... thanks
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try this, turn on the machine and then pull the power cable out the back, (i know this sounds stupid but just try it) this then makes the bios o to its safty settings, then put the cable back in and turn it back on.

just try it, i had the problem with my new bored once i had done hat it booted no problem.

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