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My computer tech and I are at a loss! Eight weeks ago I started
having problems with internet & e-mail service. My internet
provider thought it was a bad modem. Wasn't. They said it was
a computer problem perhaps caused by a virus. So I called a
tech and six weeks later we are still trying to figure out what's
causing lock-up problems among others. I originally had a
Dell. However, practically all the guts in the hard drive have
been replaced so the Dell assocation is irrelevent. The mother
board, processor etc have been replaced. Power sticks have
been checked and they are fine. Several times now we have
reloaded memory and programs after replacing parts. It starts
off okay but eventually problems return. These problems are mainly detected while online via Win 98. Originally I couldn't load anything with lots of memory like a game or software update. Now, it allows me to load but eventually locks up. I usually get a
window that says "not enough memory"...when I have
plenty of memory...83% available. Or I get a window that
says an illegal operation or function has occurred. Earlier
today when it locked-up it wouldn't let me re-start or shut-down
thru the "Start" menu, nor would it shut-down at the hard drive.
It would let me re-start at the hard drive. My e-mail is not
working properly either. Doesn't allow me to send using one
address while sending with another. I receive fine at both
boxes. My e-mail service providers are at a loss...they say must be related to my other computer
problems. When I first consulted with a tech the cd-rom and floppy would not work. A window would say they weren't ready or not accessible. Those have been replaced too. These are just some of the problems I have experienced. It changes each day....hourly. Ideas???

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I love this threads title :D

Ok lets start with the basics:

1) Full Virus scan using updated defs.

2) Spy-ware/ad-ware sweep -- I recommend adaware

3) Trojan scan -- I recommend Swat-it , don't have the address but you can download it @ by putting the title in the search line.

4) Make sure all Windows updates are current, and the most recent versions of Oe and Ie are installed.

Also if you could list your current virtual memory settings, along with a complete summary of your systems as far as hard-drive, ram, mobo etc.

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to be safe FULL windows reinstall and if you are on ME (mistake edition) move to XP yesterday....

Try gett a new memory stick --swapp it out bad memory is a *****

Try plugging it in to a diffrent power supply or putting a power conditioner in the loop...bad power will reak havok on a good system:angry2:

Replace items one at a time and look for see to be fixing everything at once and youll never narrow it down....

also look for a program called Pest patrol... does everything the above mentioned programs do

dump your temp file,defrag, scan disk run system file check (nonME machine only)

good luck

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Thanks for the responses! Here are some answers to your

A full virus scan is in place and was in place at the time the
problems started. Updates are current. All Windows
updates are current. (not ME) My computer tech and I
traded memory sticks and tried in our respective computers.
None of the problems surfaced on his computer while my
sticks were in place. The problems continued on my computer
with brand new sticks.

Part replacements have been gradual, not all at once. This
week my tech suggested removing Windows from managing
my virtual memory. Upon doing so the max was at 9,000+.
When I checked it just before writing this reply it was down
to 10. 11062 MB free. He also suggested I shut down when
I'm not prevent memory drain. Been doing it but haven't seen improvement.

New motherboard is a "Gigabyte". Getting info on other
new components. More info later.

Thanks for your suggestions...will give them a shot.

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