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Computer Mod

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This guy took the parts from 5 gaming consoles and installed them into a computer case along with the PC!

You can see the story HERE
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Thats amazing. I'd love it... I want it.

$4,000 .... I'd pay that for it.
Incredible, now i must make sure my son doesn't every see it. :confused:

OWIM, OWIM. :crying: :crying:

Kewl, I need that but I dont think I would pay 4000 dollars for it.
Will that go out of date faster then most computers? Sure would stink to loose a video card in that.
All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!! But, I too don't think I would pay 4 grand for it. But then, I am not much of a gamer anymore.

great article,

Saw it in Maximum PC.....and I want it!!!!!!
I actually saw the show... If they were real modders it'd be neat on the inside too....:D I'm sure speedo can vouch for me on this...I'm not a real modder yet... so I'm not going to diss on them too badly especially since I can't cough up enough cash to buy the consoles and do better.... but imagine what you could do with Matrox's New video card in there :D:D
Valiant2003 said:
If they were real modders it'd be neat on the inside too
Hey, I tie everything up and make things neat. Does that mean I'm a modder?
Ummmm....:rolleyes:....since your the admin and all, and I can't really say I'm the expert.....Uhhhhh ask Speedo!!! Yeah thats it ask Speedo!

Sorry Speed.... but I Uh.... sorry :(
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Hey if you ask me I look at it like this, If you can add a fan, You Is A Modder..............:D

You would be amazed at the amount of people that don't know which way to turn a screw to remove it....:rolleyes:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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