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Computer locks up randomly. Driving me NUTS!!

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Hey all...

I'm new to this site but not new to computers at ALL.. That having been said, I'm having a big problem with my computer locking up randomly throughout the day. I use my computer for business and nothing else. Its only got a few programs on it. I use Yahoo to communicate with my drivers and a few other programs to do my dispatching.. thats it. I've tried turning off hardware acceleration and it did not help.

I can also get you guys a Belarc Advisor log if you request it.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! If I'm in the wrong forum, I do apologize, please direct me where to go.

Thanks in advance,
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What virus scan and firewall software do you run?

Check for low disk space. Have you modified any of the 'virtual memory' settings?
Also, if it's completely random, I'd look for heat issues, also. Mine would restart randomly with only Firefox, Winamp, and MSN running, turns out it was a pretty bad heat issue.

For virus scan software I use what I've been using for 3 years on other machines without a single problem.. and that is Trend Micro PC-Cillin.

As far as firewall, I use the Windows Firewall.

My HD is 40GB and I'm only using 6BG at the present time.

Hope this helps. Anymore questions, please ask!!


Also, I downloaded CPUCool to just see what my temps were. The CPU Temp was only 100F and the other temp (maybe air temp?) was around 95F. So I don't think its heat.

Anything else?

Anything else at all been happening? Even the slightest inkling of a glitch could point in a direction of the source.
I think...

I took 1 stick of my 512mb Ram out and it has not locked up in 3 days..
Think its bad ram or a MB that cant handle 1GB of Ram?
Run this Check My Computer with and without the additional RAM installed. It may give you some insight?

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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