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Good Afternoon,

I recently built my own computer about a month ago and everything was working great. I turned off my computer one night (no problems) like normal, but the next day when I went to turn it on the monitor looks like it is in safe mode.
Computer Specs:
CPU: i7-950
Mobo: px58d-e
Ram: G. Skill 6gb
GPU: Gtx560 ti SC
Monitor: Asus vg236he

Things I have tried:

- Reseating the actual card
- Download latest nvidia drivers/doing a driver sweep
- Testing on another monitor (computer works completely fine)

So narrowing it down it seems like the drivers/monitor issue. I checked my monitor settings and it is set to Generic pnp monitor driver update: 2006. It does not seem like Asus has any individual drivers for the vg236he, so I am turning over to tech forums to see if anyone can help.

Thank you for your time.
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