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I own a Siemens Fujitsu laptop. I've been using it for almost a year, and suddenly now, it gets stuck on starting up. The welcome page, and the desktop come fine. ONE click, and everything gets stuck. :4-dontkno

I restarted in the Safe mode, which was working fine too . But later when I turned my laptop on, and selected the "Safe Mode" option, it went to the normal mode, and got stuck there. :rolleyes:

But today, the safe mode came alright. Now I'm scared of turning my laptop off.
Should I reinstall Vista? How do I do that? Someone told me I couldn't do it without downloading drivers off the net, if so, what drivers should I download?

Would really appreciate any sort of help, thank you :)
I use Vista, Service Pack1

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As it works in Safe Mode but not in normal it is probably due to one of the 3rd Party drivers.

While in Safe Mode save this program to the desktop:

Right-click on it -> Select run-as-admin.

In Autoruns, go to Options -> Hide Microsoft and Windows Entries

Then, press F5 to reload the page. Once reloaded, go to the Driver Tab and untick the boxes beside everything that is in that list.

Then re-boot into normal mode.

Some things will not work as they should, but if it does get into normal mode without freezing then we have made some progress.

The next step is to use the same program to re-enable some of the entries (this can be done in normal mode) and then re-boot and see if you get the freezes.

Repeat this procedure until you have isolated the cause.

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