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Computer frequently freezing

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I recently went through a bad bout of viruses, trojan, and miscellaneous spyware that messed my computer up pretty bad. Luckily using a parser I found on the internet I was able to run a HijackThis log through it and delete alot of bad entries that mostly got rid of my problems, I have the occasional pop-up, but thats about it...

[computer just froze... Thank God for Firefox...]

[and it freezes again]

As you might be able to see, I've got a whole new host of problems. My computer seems to be constantly freezing on me. I could be in the middle of Photoshop, having an IM conversation, browsing the internet, or playing World of Warcraft, and the entire screen will freeze, I can't move my mouse, and I have to power the pc down or reset it.

My guess is that I may of removed something necessary to Window's operation when going through the hijackthis logs and deleting things, but I can't be sure. Does anyone have a diagnosis, a possible way to figure out the problem, or a fix? I've put in my Windows XP disk, but apparently mine doesn't have a repair option like some other XP disks do. So any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Computer frequently freezing - Now dead

Well... um... Things got worse since I last posted... Numbers of freezes were increasing in number, usually occurring while windows is booting or not long after I logged in and things were loading. Thus I searched the internet and found a way to replace system files through the recovery console, and resolved to try that.
I booted up my XP cd, and selected recovery console. I had entered it once before today seeing if had a straightforward method of recovery, it loaded up quick, but I didn't understand it enough, so I exited it. But this time when I entered the recovery console it was extremely slow, sat there for a few minutes while it gave me the message "please wait..." I got up and left for about 20-30 minutes and came back expecting it to be long done, it was on the step of "examining hardware configuration." I was disgusted with it, and thought perhaps the dang CD has frozen. I tried to exit out of it, but to no avail, so I just powered the computer off. Probably the biggest mistake I've ever made, as now when I turn on my PC on... I usually get NOTHING on screen. Totally blank, no input sent to my monitor.
I tried resetting my bios, thinking that maybe somehow a setting was changed in there. No luck. I was stumped, I thought perhaps my BIOS battery was dead, but I've done a bit of research and from what I can see, that saves settings, and I've found no indication that I would lose all computer capabilities. What have I done to my PC?
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