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Computer Freezes

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Lately my computer freezes when in IE. This happens ocassionally. But when using ReGet 4.1a to download if freezes almost all the time. The help desk at that program is not helpful.

XP Home SP2
IE6: 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301.1519

I did not know where to post: IN XP or IE (posted in both)
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If it freezes mainly while using ReGet 4.1a then id suggest un-installing ReGet 4.1a, using IE for a while and seeing if the PC still locks up, if not, you then know its the program that was causing the problem and not anything in XP itself
I went to the Hijack this area and was told all looked well. I have deleted ReGet, and netpumper and loaded FlashGet. The same thing happens. It freezes after a while. Also freezes when downloading in IE, but not as much. I have already did a fix on XP and reloaded SP2 again. All updates are engaged. I do not know what to do?

we need your system specs including your power supply data

i seen the log

i wonder

first why not uninstall norton for a while, you can always put it back, you will need a tool from symantic to fully dump it.

there are other less intrusive free programs to use. [links below] ewido,avg housecall

run adaware and spybot, but update it first

post back
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hey sec,

you can also uninstall IE and install it again and see if that helps. also perform a windows update and see if that works too. i also second what the other post said and scan your computer for any spywares and viruses.
I took the easy way out. I had a disk with a key for XP Professional and loaded it on the system. Thank you for your replies and I hope that I can be of help to someone some day.
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