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Computer freezes on one particular website

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When I go onto my nvq website I have to enter my username and password. I can do this but as soon as I click OK, my computer freezes.
I can press ctrl-alt-del to close the window but it doesn't solve my problem.
I have tried reverting back to an older Internet Explorer and reinstalling IE7 but that doesn't work. I've switched off all pop-up blockers, disabled my anti-virus, restored IE back to its default settings and applied ALL Windows updates but nothing has worked for me up to now.

I've read some threads about updating Java and/or Flash shockwave but the site doesn't use flash at all so I'm wondering if this will be a pointless exercise.

Every single other website I try works perfectly fine, its just this one particular site that I really need to use but just can't.
It worked a couple of weeks ago then suddenly stopped. I've tried logging onto it from another PC and that works fine, it just seems to be on mine.

I must be missing a certain setting or something, can anyone provide any words of wisdom?

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Have you tried a different browser? Firefox is an award winning browser. Try this browser and see if that helps your problem.
Hi. Yeah I've tried different browsers but still the same problem.
Sorry to be a pain.
Clear your cookies and check for viruses and spyware.
Tried that last night; no viruses and still no joy.
Is your website a rather simple website? Does it have any flashy images or anything fancy? Or is it just text?
if the website is writen in php or equivelant codeing, ive known it to call to undefined functions within the server its hosted on and that spazzed my PC out, make sure its not the website its self :)
No its just a simple website, no flashy stuff just text, a background and a couple of jpegs. It's basically just a log in screen that it takes you to but just doesn't load it up.
The site works on every single other computer I've tried it on but the weird thing is is that if you use a 3G wireless card on the computer it works no problem.
Could there be a problem within the firewall settings? But it's just strange how it works on every other PC in the network.
ok, is there anything that makes your pc stand out from this network, eg. hardware etc.
No it's the same as all the others. They're all Dell machines with all the same hardware. It really is a bizarre problem.
And this happens every single time you go on this site? It never worked on this computer?
Yeah it used to work on this computer, it just stopped working a few weeks ago. The site is
The front page log in loads up fine but as soon as you put your username and password in and click 'login' the page freezes, nothing loads up and I can't close the window unless I end the process in Task Manager.
Hmmm, I can honestly say, I am stumped.
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