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Computer Crashes

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Computer Spec

Advent T11
Xp Service Pack 2

Recently I've had to get rid of a lot of spyware/adware/trojans/malware from my computer. All of it has seemingly come off successfully.

However quite often when I run these scans whether it be my McAfee virus scan or spyware scan (e.g. AVG, Ad-Aware, Spybot etc.) my computer crashes mid-scan without warning and restarts itself. It even goes beyond scans with it crashing. While running 'disk cleanup' the computer crashes and restarts itself.

Can anyone give me any assistance?

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Honestly, if you have that many problems with your computer, reformat it.

I have been through this before in different projects and I consider virus software as preventative measures because once a virus latches on it can be deadly.

I would reformat your computer and start with a clean slate, it is the most painless way to recover.
:4-dontkno hmm seems like you are end the end. really you might want to consider doing a clean install by for matting your system. this will resolve any issues you have with the pc at tihs time. starting new is the best answer to all your problems for sue. good luck :wave:
Ok thanks for the replies. I've been thinking of doing that but i'd been saving that as a last resort. I've had so much trouble I think i'll just go through with a total system reboot.
good luck and let us know how you make out.cheers
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