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computer crashes when goin full screen

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my computer started crashing and going bluescreen with n4disp file name as the cause. for a while i could play avi clips in vlc in a small window and it would be fine but if i went fullscreen it would crash. i did a fresh install and now the clip plays for a bit in a small window then everything starts freezing. youtube clips were fine before and are fine now unless made to go full screen. cant be anything wrong with the drivers and software because i have used them all before and theyve worked. im guessing my video card just died. any help would be appreciated.

8800gt 512
3 gb ram
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What brand/wattage PSU are you using?

Post the temp and voltage readings from the BIOS.

What dual core are you using?
thanks for the quick reply
cpu is 1.87ghz core2. i think it was the e6600

ive got a trust 520w power supply
under system voltages in the bios there was
cpu core (set to auto) 1.29v
cpu fsb (Set to auto) 1.20v
memory set to 1.90
nforce spp set to 1.30

system temp was 89f
cpu was 102f
also in that menu there was
cpu vcore 1.29v
vdimm 1.90v

just checked. 102 is pretty hot for idle. could that be causing it? it is a little dusty in there.
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The CPU temps are fine no need to worry there.

Are there any voltage readings for the +3.3V,+5V,+12V listed in the BIOS? If so please post these.

Also post these readings from the label on the side of the PSU.

Can you test the graphics card in another PC?

Give the inside of the PC a good cleaning with a can of compressed air making

sure that the fan and cooling assembly on the graphics card is clear of any dust/debris
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