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computer crashed

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i use win xp sp2.
my administrator account does not get logged in before 20 odd minutes.i am not able to see my icons and start menu or even taskbar.i started working with task manager,but now even that does not work properly.It freezes frequently.
my computer works only in safe mode.plz help!!
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G'Day gangsterborn, Welcome to TSF! :wave:

Instead of using Safe Mode, look for the listing "Last Known Good Configuration" in the same F8 menu window.

Post back with the outcome.

Kind Regards,
i even tried the last good configuration but it still could'nt display anything except the wallpaper.
a day before several messages like 'Mcshield has encountered a problem and needs to close'
flashed and my computer reebooted in the above condition.
now even Mcafee cannot be uninstalled since i can work only in safe mode..
is there any way in which i can uninstall McAfee in safe mode??
I have never worked with McAfee and do not know procedure with that anti-virus, but you should be able to uninstall software in Safe mode...
other thing, run CHKDSK /R in Recovery Console...
Just wanted to ask you did you scan your PC with Mcafee or if you have some other anti-trojan software like Spybot or AdAware or something similar???
Maybe it is a virus, because things that you said that your PC is running very slow could be virus...
Could you tell me what percentage of CPU usage is in Task Manager??? Could you post your Task Manager process tab???
i was not able to detect any virus or malware.
then too according to your suggestion i will try it once again.
my cpu usage sometime crawls upto 100%,but usually it is around 0-3%.
Good, so CPU usage is OK... Tell me how much RAM memory you have? And does your system demanding more memory that you have at the moment???
Also provide us with you make/model of PSU... but you should post all specs of your PC too... If your PC is freezes frequently that could be because of bad or old PSU...
Did you recently uninstall some software???
thank u all for ur support.the problem is now solved.
it was because i selected complete protection tab in McAfee antivirus.
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