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Computer Crash

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Well before i get into my problem here are my specs

AMD Athlon 1400 Mhz 266 FSB T-Bird
Gigabyte MoBo GA-7VTX
256 PC2100 RAM
Creative Ge-Force 2 MX 32MB

My original problem was that the computer wouldnt boot, so i tried running with just the video ram and cpu. it still wouldnt boot. i took out the battery and cleared the cmos and finally i was able to get to the bios. the computer will prompt me with wrong cmos setting, f1 for setup or f2 for load defaults and continue. for some reason my keyboard wont work in the keyboard ps2 slot. but it does work in the mouse ps2 slot. so now after i load the defaults it will either crash or if i get into windows i cant use the mouse.

please help
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Here Ya Go

One of two things I imagine:

1) The CMOS battery is bad - replace it.

2) If it still won't work - Shoot It!

Mobos are a dime a dozen, so it could be a bad board.
Oh No........................:no:

Have you tried a different keyboard?
battery's good and keyboard is good. i did notice that on bootup that its posting at 1050mhz. i tried switching to 133mhz but then the computer wouldnt go to the bios. could cpu be bad.
ive also tried different keyboard and same thng, works only in mouse ps2 port. think ill just scrap it and get a new system.
I would try a bios upgrade first..................:winkgrin:
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