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Computer Crash, help needed!

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Hey guys.

I have a P7N SLI Platinum motherboard, running a Quad Core CPU, 2x2GB Dual Channel Ram, and a 8800GT video card.

I went to install a slave hard drive in my system last night, and when I was in there I must have hit out the power cable for the CPU fan and about 5 minutes of me being in Vista, it shut down due to overheating.

I unplugged my system for awhile and when I plugged it back in, I got this solid red light on my mobo and the power button refuses to turn on the computer. I read the instruction manual and it has this as an error:

System Power ON
-The D-LED will hang here if the processor is damaged or not installed properly.

Could my CPU seriously DIE due to this? I just built this computer, and it would suck to have it broken already. I read a few forums and people are saying they get it due to a heatsink failure. Does that sound logical? Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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Im not sure if the

The D-LED will hang here if the processor is damaged or not installed properly.

error applies, I didnt install the 4 LED item. This red LED is just built on the board.
Unfortunately, yes, in theory, you could have fried your CPU. They are designed to shut down when they get too hot to prevent damage, but stranger things have happened.

I would suggest you make sure you didn't touch and bump the ATX Molex plug off the motherboard since that also would keep it from running.

Another long shot you may want to try first, is to reset your CMOS and see if maybe some setting got altered in there when you were running it while hot.

that you might want to redo the thermal paste and then see if that helps any. This too is a very long shot, but worth trying.
Ok, ill try all of that. Thanks.

I will return the CPU to the store as a "defective" and get a swapout if nothing else works for it.
Sounds like a good plan to me. Do let us know how things go.
Im home now and i tried taking everything out of it but it still just shows that red light. I put the CPU, a stick of RAM, and the video card in and still the red light. im starting to think its the motherboard.
As sad as it maybe, Id say its your cpu. But if you can take it to a locale puter store and have em test it. Or even the geeks at best buy. Shouldnt cost more then 40 bucks to test it. Alot of times if you buy from where you test it, they apply that 40 bucks to the cost of a new cpu.
Unfortunately, it may be both the motherboard and the CPU. At this point, taking it to a local shop may be your best option.
Ok, I got my motherboard RMA back and it runs fine, the CPU works perfectly.

HOWEVER, it seemed when that happened, it knocked my two hard drives out. One was a throwaway 40 GB I used for the soul purpose of installing the OS, but my secondary hard drive had EVERYTHING on it. All my music, all my game data, personal files and pictures, everything.

When I turn on the computer, it doesnt boot and feels hot to the touch. Its an IDE Western Digital 300 GB. Is there ANYTHING I can do to get my files back?
How do you have it hooked up? Like, which IDE connector (primary or secondary), how are the jumpers set, what else is on that cable, and where do you have it located on the ribbon cable (middle or end). I suspect you have something not hooked up correctly. Tip of the day for you: If you have a WD hard drive and it is alone on the ribbon cable, you must remove all jumpers and place it on the end of the ribbon cable.
I did all of that, it doesnt spin. I put another 40 GB set the same way on the IDE cable and it runs fine. I tested the hard drive on another computer, same story.
hi what actually was the help coz i have same problem ( also i am a copm noob i know only little of pc's and would like to know more )
My initial problem? My motherboard fried on me.
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