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computer continually reboot

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a friends computer is causing a major headache. It restarts for no ryme or reason. She can't get through a adaware /spybot or virus scan. She brought it to me and I had no problems. I ran it through all scans and found some adaware and cleaned it up. I multitasked with and no problems. It was fast and worked good.She took it home..bang.. shutdown again and more rebooting. It won't run unless she shuts it off for 2 hours. It is a AMD . I told her to clean it up physically cause it was probably over heating from dust/hair. Worked for awhile. Then it started all over again.
She took it into the computer store and it worked prefect there.All tests ran prefectly. He was going to test memory on it. My only conclusion is that the computer does not like its enviroment. Very small room and lots of cigarette smoke going into it. User is chain smoker. Am I crazy to think that smoke could causethe problem?:4-thatsba
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Hi Sue..

when you had the machine at your house, did you use the same PSU? Plus was anything else different at your house (mouse, keyboard, monitor etc??).

Also, advise your friend to monitor her CPU temps using something like SpeedFan or SensorsView as that may help highlight any heat issues.

How long does it take before it begins to restart a lot? Ask this person to take it to a different power outlet and see if that quells it. IT's possibly it could be a faulty power outlet. I find it curious that you're only having erratic behavior in one place. Where is the computer being physically placed inside of the room? Is it in a tight closed off space without much airflow? Also, are you sure that the heatsink and cpu fan are functional?



A first I just had the tower and using my monitor etc. but when it worked for me I got her monitor etc. to my house thinking it maybe the monitor/keyboard/mouse. Still worked fine.At my placethe area is wide open and there is no blockage of air flow to the pc. I told her to try another outlet. It still shutdown. When the problem first stared the tower was on a carpet under the desk. After it got physically cleaned up she put it on the desktop where it worked for about 2 weeks with no problem. Now the erratic behavior has started again.It is now at a computer store and the tech there can not find anything wrong. He did numerous scans ,checked the cpu and the last I heard he was checking the memory. The pc works fine for him too.The pc is 18 months old.

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