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Computer Can't See Any Hard Drive.

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I bought a new Seagate 200GB hard drive and tried to install it, but it was not recognized by my computer. I tried the cable that came with it (I was using my old one before) and my computer would not boot at all. So, I switched the cables back and now my computer will not recognize any of the hard drives I plug into it. That is to say that on bootup the Master and Slave drives shows up as "none".

None of the pins are bent and I know one of them should work because I was using it before I bought the new hard drive. Know none of them work. :sad:

Any ideas what may be the cause of the problem?

Here are the specs the best I can get them:

Gigabyte motherboard w/Athlon processor
1 Gig Memory
Seagate 200GB Hard Drive
160 GB Hard Drive w/no recognizable brands or logos
Running Windows XP

If you need any further info, let me know and I'll see what I can find out. Thank you.

P.S. I also checked the power supply and the HD is getting power to it, so I know that's not the problem.
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Welcome to TSF:

Try clearing your cmos (in mobo manual)


unplug computer PSU (power supply unit) from electrical wall socket (very important)

remove cmos battery for 30 minutes / cmos battery is the thin silver colered watch like looking battery on the mobo

after waiting 30 minutes reverse the process and restart

check jumper settings on hard drive / master drive must be at extreme end of cable / the complete opposite end connects to the blue IDE primary connection on mobo

slave goes in the middle of the same cable / jumpers pins must be set accordingly on each drive ( master or slave)

post back with the results of your findings


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Thanks for the info. I tried removing the battery from the mobo, but it wasn't obvious how to get it out and it was being stubborn. While trying to pry and pull it out, I accidentally snapped a little of its casing off, but it came out. I taped it back into place- probably a no-no, but figured it was good for a test run.

Now, I get a "CMOS battery failed" error and it still does not recognize the hard drive. At this point, I am simply trying to get my old HD to boot, I am not worrying about adding any others at this point.

In addition, does the color of the plug going into the motherboard matter? My old cable has a red plug, but the new one is blue. Wasn't sure if this is color-coded or they simply decided to switch at one point.

Thanks for the info. I work in computers, but am mostly a software tech guy. Finally taking the plunge into hardware, but not for all the right reasons. :wink:
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check you have the side of th eide cable with the red line down the side,going into the drive alongside the power plug
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