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Computer beeps once, freezes and sometimes shut downs

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Hi :)

My computer has been beeping once and freezing, which sometimes results in a complete shut-down or blue screen. The beep is coming from the motherboard.

It only occurs when I'm playing games or watching streams.

I don't think it is heat related as it can occur straight after boot up and I've been monitoring heat on speedfan, doesn't seem to be related, but not willing to rule it out.

I had some temporary success removing 1 of my sticks of ram, this temporarily solved the problem for about a week. And now it has returned again. I am now at a lose as to what the issue is.

All drivers are up to date, heat can be around 30c to 42c varying. Have scanned for virus's/malware with multiple software.

My machine is AMD Phenom x6 1090T, 1TB HDD, 8GB DDR3 (currently using only 4gb), 1GB GTX 460
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The PSU came with the computer, has no writing on it and I am un-able to identify it, sorry :(

The readings from the BIOS, I wasn't sure how to find, I'm posting a picture so you can see where I got to, maybe you can help me find it from there?

I installed HWMonitor and these are the readings underload

I'm waiting for her to cooldown to post the idle temps.
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There was no documentation regarding the PSU, I'll buy the PSU recomended and see what happens, thanks guys :)
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