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Complicated problem... need solution.

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OK firstly, i had an 80gb harddrive, it was OK but a bit slow (2mb cache) ..

Then i decided to buy a bigger one because i needed it, and it also happens to be a lot quieter which is great because i need my PC quiet.

Anywho, i decided to clone the harddrives data onto the new one - i had two operating systems on each of the partitions ( two partitions in total ).. i had one partition for doing buisness on, no internet. And the other partition for doing internet stuff on (kept a regular ghost backup of it ).

The internet partition had the boot record, and windows xp made a choice menu at the start, ( so i could choose between the partitions ).

So, when cloning all the data to the new harddrive, it done exactly the same.

Here's the problem.

Because it has two partitions, and i no longer want the internet one ( i just want one partition, that being the buisness one ) i am unable to come up with a suitable solution to this, as i've tried deleting the second partition ( internet one ) and then merging the two partitions, but because the second partition had all the boot info/record the first partition cannot boot without it.

So, basic question is;

How do i make a standard boot sector on a partition for it to boot properly?

I've tried;
adding all boot files, e.g. boot.ini ntldr etc - but nothing works.

thanks a lot.

edit attached image.


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Welcome to TSF:

I have used (free for 30 days) BOOT IT NG with success / it can merge, resize, restore partitions etc

I will reccommend this prog as you have the old drive with your dual OS's on them and data files. Partition merging can be tricky because there always seems to be some mistake between what the operator wants to do and what the program is about to do / but you have a good back-up ready in the ready stance and you seem to be above average experienced computer user ( playing with boot.ini ntldr and such) so I think you have an above average chance for first time success / I strongly suggest you print out the included manual / its well written and not too hard to follow ( a joy actually !!!!)

let us know how you progress / I am kinda of interested in how you tackle the dual boot merge / although BOOITNG is one of the few progs that can handle making a dual boot enviro in the SAME partition enjoy !!


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i think my best bet is just working the file out on the volume.

I'm not too sure about the boot record, i know there is one but im not sure where it is located and how the computer interacts with it. If i knew how i could probably fix it relativly quickly.

At the moment i followed the few guides (

but with no success.

I am happy with my ghost image and my partition situation, so i do not need to clone it with a different program, i just need to sort out the boot sequnce.

at this current moment, my boot.ini is the following.

"[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partitions(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect"

(without quotes)

I copied, NTDETECT.COM and NTLDR from the xp original cd. - is there any other files i need in order to get it to successfully boot?



i have my partition set as primary, and it is active also.
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I've followed that, no help.
uh oh, big problem - just realised my orignal partition is gone, so i need to get this to work.

i followed the instruections and its kind of worked -- it gets past xp logo, loads up user settings and then stops.

is there anything i can do?.. i really really need this to work, i have so much important data on there, not only that but all the registry and the programs i've installed i can no longer get again. please help me.
I just tried using safemode and it says "loading personal settings" then flicks to "saving your settings" and keeps doing this over and over.

Where is the registry located on the harddrive?

Remember that deep water I was warning you about ???? modifying and moving system files is tricky business / you got to frag a couple of OS installs before you learn the tricks to that stuff !!

I suggest you try partition doctor / its not free but proven to be very successful !! and you can scan the drive to check to see if it can do the job before you pay ??


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