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complex policy issues!

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Hi, As always with Windows nothing is simple.
I tried to install an audio device (Realtek...) but windows kept installing it's own driver so I had to change the Device Installation Policy.
I now have an issue where my mouse is not working because it cannot install due to Policy changes. Of course it says 'click here to get info' but I can't click because the mouse is not installed!
Strangely though I have used an old ps2 mouse to solve these problems but even my ps2 mouse is not recognised.
I have a cloned copy of the drive which is working so what I would like to know is; can I change the policy from my (this) drive?
Thank you in advance!

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You are posting in the Vista/Windows 7 forum, but your profile says you are running Windows XP SP2?
The Policy is set on the OS you are in. You cannot set a policy from a Windows cloned image. But you can restore your OS from your cloned image. You will loose all files that have been installed since, so backup your files first. Restoring a cloned image will reset the policy.
You do not need to change the policy to change drivers, Go to the Device Manager, right click your Audio device and choose Uninstall. It will ask if you want to uninstall the driver files as well, click Yes. After a restart, install the Realtek driver you want.
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