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Complete reset

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I have been having way to many problems with my windows xp, and i wish to completely reset it and reinstall it from the back-up cds i have.
To do this do i press f10 while booting up and follow the prompts?
And also i have about 17 cds all labeled "hp recovery 1/17"...."2/17"..."17/17", are these the cds that i will use to re-install my system.
I have saved all my important files and i just would like a step-by-step guide on what to do, and confirmation that these are the correct cds.

Thanks, D
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You might want the windows XP disc reinstalls windows.
The HP ones may..but AFAIK HP ship with an XP OEM disk..look for that
Hello deragon999

Yes, these will be the CDs you need if you have to use them for a recovery.

Here are instructions for you
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