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Compaq V5303 No Power but....

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Hi all!

I have a Compaq V5303NR (V5000) laptop. The other day I tried to boot it and it showed no signs of power at all. It has been working great since day one and then boom. Dead.

I have verified the power adapter is good and the DC jack is fine. While I get no power lights when trying to power up the system, I do get a brief AC light when I plug the adapter into the jack. It goes out within a second or so. This is with the battery installed. Nothing happens with the battery out.

I have reseated the RAM and hard drive. I have removed the battery and AC. Pressed the power button for 30 seconds and left it alone for over 10 minutes. Still nothing. I'm wondering if maybe a regulator board or something may have gone bad. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

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as per your post you said you have removed the battery and unplugged AC, pressed the power ON button for 30secs or so, then you plugged back AC and attached the battery but this did not help. is this the exact procedure you followed? if so and it did not help, locate the CMOS battery and remove it. plug it back after an hour or longer.

you also said you checked output of AC adapter and DC jack and both are OK. how did you check the DC jack? sometimes, you need to wiggle the jack to get the power running.

if you can recall, did you shutdown or did the laptop went to Standby/Hibernate prior to this problem?

I did follow the steps just as you mentioned with no luck. I will pop the CMOS battery and see if that helps.

As for the AC, I have two adapters. One can be used with various laptops and it works fine. On the original I tested the DC output from the tip. The DC jack is solid in the laptop. No movement at all. Since I see the AC light (lightning bolt) light up on the from of the laptop when I attach the adapter for a second I assume the connection is there. Jiggling does nothing to remedy the situation.
Re: Compaq V5303 No Power but.... It's FIXED now!

Well, I gotta hand it to ya Trigger. The CMOS battery did the trick. I didn't even think about that but should have. I used to have some older desktop systems that would just play dead when the CMOS battery went low.

Good job and thanks a bunch for the help!

Re: Compaq V5303 No Power but....MAYBE NOT FIXED

Well, I got it to boot up once after putting the CMOS battery back in. Then I shut down the system and tried it a bit later. Nothing! I pulled the battery and AC like everyone says and still nothing. Then I replaced the CMOS battery with a new one. Nothing. However, the AC power light on the front of the laptop (the lightning bolt) comes on and stays on when the AC is plugged in and the battery is installed. I just can't get it to boot again.

Is this thing posessed? Or am I really missing the boat on something here?

so you got it to boot but after replacing the CMOS battery with a new one it cannot boot anymore? geez... i hope the bios did not get corrupted. remove the CMOS battery again, leave for 30mins and put it back then power ON. if that does not improve a thing, check the LED/Switch panel switches and cables. random success in power OFF/ON via the switch sometimes caused by a failing switch very slim chance but worth checking.
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