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Compaq Presario F500 won't power up

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Hello, people,

All I get is...
the blue "Power on" lite stays on for about 25 seconds,
then goes off for 1 second, and that routine continues.
On for 25, off for 1, on for 25, etc...
Sometimes the fan starts up for 1 to 3 seconds.

When a Startup disk is in the DVD drive, it sounds like it's working,
but it gets interrupted by the "power down" after 25 seconds.

Nothing ever appears on the screen. And I hear no Beeps at all.

I've gone thru the "Black Screen Issues and Troubleshooting" thread at

Removed the CMOS battery for 20 minutes.
Re-seated the Hard drive.
Re-seated and swapped the RAM.
Removed the DVD drive.

It's now time to remove the bottom to find the CPU.

Where are there some instructions for disassembling a Compaq Presario F500 (F558US)?

Thanks very much.

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Wow. EXACTLY what I needed, Pip22 !
THANKS Very Much for that.

I've got the entire thing apart now.

Don't really know what th' hell I'm gonna' do with it, though.
Still, that was fun.

Maybe if I take it to some repair shop,
they'll be able to tell if the CPU or onboard graphics is bad?

Ah, well... thanks.
Just a status report, for future reference...

Took the mobo to a shop... he said it's bad.
Only option is to replace the mobo.

So, I re-assembled it... no improvement.
Same symptoms as before.
So now, It's in the middle of the "Towel Fix", to re-melt the GPU solder.

We'll see.
I don't Freakin' Believe it.
I never woulda' thought of it, without your disassembly instructions, Pip22 !
Thanks again.
On that disassembly page, after the instructions,
the "Towel" fix is first mentioned in post #290...
Laptop Repair Help » How to fix video problem on HP laptops

All is well. Life is grand.
D a r n. It died again. Same symptoms.
I tried the "towel" trick. Didn't fix it.
So, I tried the "Heat gun on the Nvidia chip" trick:
Laptop Repair Help » How to fix laptop motherboard with failed NVIDIA graphics chip
It didn't work.
OK... I think the mobo is officially Dead.
Now, I just need to get my data off of the hard drive.
How best to do that?
It's a Fujitsu 100 Gb, Model MHW2100BH, PN 448046-ABC.
If I remember correctly, it was about half full.

Thanks very much for your ideas.
I Love this forum.
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