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Compaq Laptop Problem

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The computer is an Evo N1015V and when the heatsink is not screwed on tight when I press power the fan spins for a bit, then the whole thing shuts off.

If I tighten the heatsink and turn it on, the fan never spins, and the power stays on.

I pretty certain the CPU itself if fried, but still I would like to figure out whats happening

I have posted a video on you tube showing the problem:
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have you checked the CPU if it is seated well? also check if the fan cables or any cable is positioned well. i had mine once that one wire of the fan is pinched between the heatsink and the board (i know...).
yes, the CPU is seated properly, but the CPU is fried (i am getting a new one though)

and there are no pinched cables, the only difference is when i secure the CPUs heatsink, as i display in the video. The only thing i can figure out is when i tighten the screws, they must be created a short somehow...i guess i should try pulling the board and see if it reacts the same...
so there is nothing getting pinched when you tighten the screws of the heat spreader? when the screws are not tight, the fan spins but system shuts down... is the RAM in place?
yes, and i have reseated the RAM as well, but it makes no difference
man that sure is strange... just like you, i suspect a short somewhere. have you removed the board? as you said it could be the CPU. the only danger i see in this is.. what if the CPU is not fried and this is caused by something else, it could eventually fry the motherboard (a very expensive part).

if i am faced with this, i would redo everything again, reseat the CPU, reapply thermal paste, check all contacts (top and bottom of board)... etc.
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