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Compaq CQ60 w419wm

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I bought this computer for my shop, I upgraded it with the following
WINDOWS 7 64bit

I got the AMD ZM80 duel core processor to replace the SI 42 that came with the computer, I checked to see if the ZM80 is compatible and AMD tells me that it is. Soooooo I install the cpu, now the computer won't post. I reinstalled the old processor and now the computer works fine. My question is:
Is there a driver or something I'm not doing before I install the NEW ZM80, the BIOS has been updated to A.54,
HELP I'm at a loss.
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Sorry the BIOS is F.54 not A.54:4-thatsba
Hi hydrod,

Does the new BIOS support the AMD ZM80 CPU?
Instead of AMD you may want to contact HP/Compaq to inquire about CPU upgrade options and what CPU is compatible.
Thanks for the input, I found an AMD RM75 duel core cpu on ebay, put it in the computer and it works fine. Now all I have to do is find out how test the ZM80 to see if it's bad or not without buying the test equipment:4-dontkno

Oh! HP says that the ZM80 should work on this board, Ya! right!
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