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Comp randomly shuts off, sometimes wont power on...[moved from Vista/ Windows 7]

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I looked at a couple other posts with generally the same thing happening, but here is my situation:

A couple of weeks ago my PSU decided to die, something exploded in it. Luckily I had a spare one sitting around. I installed it and everything was working fine til a couple of days ago.

My computer will randomly turn off, I dont know why. I installed Sensor View and as of right now here are the stats:

Looking for any insight into what may or may not be happening. Also sometimes my 2nd monitor will randomly flicker off and back on, I don't know if it has anything to do with it or not.

Systems Specs:

Intel core 2 duo E6750 @ 2.66ghz
4gb Ram
win 7 64 bit ultimate
ATI Radeon HD 38000
Dual Monitors


Please help!
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Re: Comp randomly shuts off, sometimes wont power on...

What brand/wattage PSU are you running now?

Post the temp and voltage readings from the BIOS .

Inspect the motherboard for any damaged capacitors.
Its a crap PSU that i bought when I was in Korea. its liek 320 W, some random brand, Xion or soemthing.

My dad is an IT supervisor at some city hall place, so hes gonna "find" me a PSU sittin around.
You need a decent quality PSU of at least 550w.

Check the caps on the motherboard and Video Card, poor quality Power effects Capacitor life> Check the Capacitors on the motherboard for any signs of leakage, domed tops, missing cans.> - How To Identify
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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