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Comp. powers on, MB LED, nothing else.

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Hey all,

My Dell Dimension 4500 is having a problem I can't figure out. When it's plugged in, the Motherboard LED is on (and green), and when I turn the computer on, all the devices begin to work. However, that's all that happens... the screen doesn't turn on or ever report getting any signal... and there are no system beeps.

I'm fairly certain it's a problem with the processor or the motherboard, but I don't have another P4 computer to test the processor. Also, I figure it's not the memory, because there's a system beep if there's a memory error, right?

Hopefully I can get a some of your perspectives so I don't blow $150 on a new motherboard, when the only problem was the processor.

Thanks a lot for your help!

This Dell Dimension 4500 was left at home while I stayed at college over the summer. When I got brought it back, it didn't work, so I don't have any info about the cause of the problem.
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I was having the same problem, the link below takes you to the thread and the solution I was given solved the problem.

hey msop,

click on the link that daniel grant gave you, and follow the advice i gave him so hopefully it can work for you too.

Well, before I even posted, I took the computer apart, because I thought I might just sell it for parts... But then you responded so I thought I'd give it a try. I couldn't find the CMOS jumper, and Dell's documentation didn't show anything, so before I removed the battery, I just tried turning it on... and it worked.
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