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hi i would like to build a computer for as cheap as possible because i only want it for downloading and general use etc. in the build i would like to include a dual core processor (about 2ghz) i don't mind between Amd or Intel which ever u thing and i would also like 2gb of ram (ddr2) the size of the hdd does not particularly mater (Seagate if possible)as things will be saved on my external one. so could help me choose he rest of the parts plz.:grin: (no monitor needed) i would prefer to buy the hardware from however i don't rely mind as long as they ship to england. btw this is the keyboard and mouse i am would prefer to have
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looks nice does newegg ship to the uk and is it any cheaper or do u know any cheaper places to buy from cause i dont know if i will have enough money i think i might buy 1gb of ram insted to upgrade later and have a 1.8 ghz dual core insted because there shouldnt be too much difference running xp which i will be running on it. this computer doesnt need to be too good because i will use me laptop to 85% of the time so wa u think ????
btw this computer will probably be running for 24hours a day so it need to stay as cool as possible without makin it too expensive
hi ye ty, atm tht ram is out of stock but i aint ordering yet so tht aint a problem unless it gets discontinued any way i might go for this processor
but i was thinkin would this still be okay
is tht a gd cooling case or do u think a cheaper one would do just as well it doesnt have to look amazing as long as it is black to match the dvd drive?
ye iv seen tht case befor but i dont understand ow the dvd tht u can see works does any drive fit there ?
i think i will go for this
and will tht fit on the mother board cause tht has 4 pin connectors on it doesnt it ?
if i go with ur chose do u think it would be a gd idea to get 2 120mm blue led fans and put them on the side one as intake one as exaust wa do u think of these only thing with them i dont know wa bearings it has
doesnt seem as tho u can see the fan space at the front so i will go for these like u sed
heres me cart do u think anything needs changin or addin or not needed:danraksmile:

Product QuickFind Stock Price (ex VAT) Line Total

ASUS P5K-VM AiLifestyle Socket 775 iG33 onboard VGA 8 channel Audio mATX motherboard 132097 9 in stock £57.79 £57.79
KeySonic 2.4Ghz Wireless Compact Keyboard with Integrated TouchPad 104608 102 in stock £20.41 £20.41
Seagate ST3160815AS 160GB Hard Drive 7200RPM SATAII/300 8MB Cache - OEM 122660 301 in stock £28.58 £28.58
LG GSA-H66NBAL 18X SATA DVD±RW/DL/RAM - Black Bare Drive OEM 134531 227 in stock £15.99 £15.99
Antec TruePower Trio 550W PSU - With 3x 12v Rails and 120mm Fan 114931 22 in stock £51.47 £51.47
Intel E2160 Socket 775 Pentium Dual Core 2x1.8Ghz 800FSB Retail Boxed Processor 127248 216 in stock £40.24 £40.24
Extra Value 19 Piece (Silver-Black) Tool Kit 105558 905 in stock £2.12 £2.12
Kingston 1GB Kit (2x512MB) DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 CL5 - Non-ecc 125136 74 in stock £15.92 £15.92
I-Cute Black UL01 Mid Tower Case With Side Window and 12cm Blue LED Fan - No PSU 121074 210 in stock £15.31 £15.31
Antler *4 PACK* 120mm fan - 4pin Connector 106661 528 in stock £4.49 £4.49:danraksmile:
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gdgd u rly are on top of ur game
i am experimenting with vmware at the moment do u know were it will save on the hdd for example linux as virtual and vista as host?
i mean were it will install the operating system
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