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Hi All

I'm trying to install a communications server 2007 standard on a windows server 2003 sp1.
I will explane everything step by step so you can understand my question and situation. But first some background information about my situation:
I test everything remotely and on that desktop I work in VMware. I've got two windows xp pro pc's and one windows server 2003 sp1 where the DNS and AD is allready installed. The two pc's can ping to the server and the server can ping them too. The desktops can login in the domain (the name is: testomgeving.local)

So, I insert the cd communications server 2007 into the server. I go to 'my computer', click on D:\SE_VOLUME (this can be that it's not the right name, I've took a .iso from the cd). After that I click on setup.exe. Communications server 2007 is launching. I point the standard edition out en click on deploy standard edition.
The installation of "prep Schema" went succesfull. There is a "completed" on the right of this.
When I go to the next one ("Prep Forest") I get a fault. But I will tell you what I do: I click on run to install the prep Forest. Click next on the welcome window, I select System Container in the root domain, click next, Domain is : "testomgeving.local" (this is true, this is also the onlyone written in the windows. So I click next. Then I should select a SIP domain. As default the testomgeving.local is written. I can't select anything else because there is nothing to select except the 'testomgeving.local'. I don't really understand what I should enter here... I know that the SIP is for Voice over IP but how can I know which domain it should entered there? So I let this default and I click next. I get a summary and I click next. And I get a failed wizard.

When I go to the log I can find this fault:
[0xC3EC78CA] At least one builtin display specifier object could not be found.
Please make sure all display specifier objects were created successfully
during DcPromo process by checking log files (%Windir%\Debug\Dcpromohelp.log
and %Windir%\Debug\Csv.log).

I've already tried to find solutions on other websites and forum but I didn't find anything that helped...

I hope some of you could find a solution.


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Connecting to "(null)"
Logging in as current user using SSPI
Importing directory from file "C:\WINDOWS\system32\mui\dispspec\dcpromo.csv"
Loading entries
2: CN=401,CN=DisplaySpecifiers,CN=Configuration,DC=testomgeving,DC=local
Attribute 0) cn: 401
Attribute 1) showInAdvancedViewOnly: TRUE
Attribute 2) instanceType: 4
Attribute 3) distinguishedName: CN=401,CN=DisplaySpecifiers,CN=Configuration,DC=testomgeving,DC=local
Attribute 4) objectCategory: CN=Container,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=testomgeving,DC=local
Attribute 5) objectClass: container
Attribute 6) name: 401

Add error on line 2: Already Exists
The server side error is "An attempt was made to add an object to the directory with a name that is already in use."
0 entries modified successfully.
An error has occurred in the program
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0000 opening log file C:\WINDOWS\debug\dcpromohelp.log
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0001 C:\WINDOWS\system32\dcphelp.exe
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0002 file timestamp 03/25/2005 13:00:00.000
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0003 local time 11/19/2007 15:26:37.312
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0004 running Windows NT 5.2 build 3790 Service Pack 1 (BuildLab:3790.srv03_sp1_rtm.050324-1447) i386
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0005 logging flags 0001003C
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0006 Enter main
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0007   Enter DoIt
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0008     Enter IsDSRunning
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0009       Enter MyDsRoleGetPrimaryDomainInformation
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 000A         Enter MyDsRoleGetPrimaryDomainInformationHelper
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 000B           Calling DsRoleGetPrimaryDomainInformation
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 000C           lpServer  : (null)
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 000D           InfoLevel : 0x1 (DsRolePrimaryDomainInfoBasic)
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 000E           HRESULT = 0x00000000
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 000F         MachineRole      : 0x5
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0010         Flags            : 0x1000001
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0011         DomainNameFlat   : TESTOMGEVING
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0012         DomainNameDns    : testomgeving.local
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0013         DomainForestName : testomgeving.local
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0014       DS is running
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0015     Enter TemplateGetObject LDAP://RootDse
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0016     DC=testomgeving,DC=local
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0017     Enter StartCsvde DC=testomgeving,DC=local
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0018       Calling CreateProcess
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 0019       C:\WINDOWS\system32\csvde.exe
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 001A        -i -f C:\WINDOWS\system32\mui\dispspec\dcpromo.csv -c DOMAINPLACEHOLDER DC=testomgeving,DC=local -j C:\WINDOWS\debug
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 001B       Enter FS::GetPathSyntax C:\WINDOWS\system32\csvde.exe
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 001C       HRESULT = 0x00000000
dcpromohelp 7B0.140 001D closing log
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