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Command prompt

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Hi there, my computer broke last week and due to having a guest staying I haven't got that far. Basically it wont go into windows, there is a problem with the CPU fan and it keeps having a boot error.

The CPU fan is spinning round and air is coming out, though according to BIOS it isn't spinning at all and the temperture looks quite high. I have changed the battery.

Up until this afternoon it didn't recognise I had a primary master, though I've just checked the cables and it's working now. (Everything is tightly packed inside so it's hard to find your way around)

I've put the windows XP disk in and gone into repair mode, it's now in the command promt thing. What should I do in there, is there anyway I can back up my files from in there?

Thanks in advance.
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If it's giving you a CPU fan error, and the temp is high, try a new fan :tongue:

Just because it's spinning doesn't mean it's spinning at a fast enough rate to get good ariflow past the heatsink. This will cause the CPU to heat up and eventually shut down to protect itself from thermal meltdown. Given the high performance of today's CPU's, thermal meltdown can occur in just a few seconds.

Before you go any further with the recovery CD, pop on a new fan. Also when you're in there check to see that the heatsink is tight on the motherboard. If you can move it at all, you need to take it off, clean off the CPU and heatsink of any thermal paste, apply new and get that heatsink on there tight.
To be honest the fan seems to be the least of my worries. It's definatly spinning round, but BIOS doesn't recognise this at all. I'm guessing it's sensor has come loose. I'm unable to get to the fan easy as it has some big plastic thing around it, and as much as I've tried it wont come off. I guess I will have to force it?

Once I get past the fan thing I get a message saying disk boot failure. I've tried with my windows XP disk. The auto repair option asks for another disk which I don't have. The manual repair goes into command prompt. DSKCHK says there is an unrecoverable error on drive D: which is a partition of drive C:

I'm also confused as the bigger drive is classed as my primary master, whereas the smaller one which has windows is the primary slave. It had been working for around a year before I put in the second hard drive.

I'm currently running a hard disk fitness test.

Thanks for any help, much appreciated!
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