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''Command'' keeps coming up.

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The problem is that CMD (Command) Keeps coming up every 3 minutes or so, if you can see the picture, you see what keeps coming up. and now its starting to get pretty annoying, anyone knows how to make it stop -.-'' ?
I can just remove it by the X but well after doing that an million times im pretty bored of that tho.


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Yeah.. that's not your command prompt starting itself. Your true command prompt says "Command Prompt" at the top, not "C:\Windows\System32\login.scr".

Login.scr refers to Malware.

Go ahead and complete the steps in the link below and post the requested information in the HijackThis Forum. They can help you remove it.

IMPORTANT - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help
I agree with cetkat about the malware part. Just a little rectification : logon.scr is the name of the default Windows XP screensaver. It's also the screensaver that will run if you leave the computer idle at the logon screen. It's a regular system file in the \Windows\System32\ folder.

several problems here :
- what appears to be logon.scr runs a command prompt instead of the screensaver
- version is mispelled versjon in the cmd window (edit : ok, it's in Norwegian)
- logon.scr shouldn't run when the computer is not idle

So go ahead and follow the 5 steps in the link that cetkat provided.

I'll close this thread since we're not allowed to give malware removal help in the regular XP section. Our security analysts will get back to you as soon as they'll have reviewed your logs. Be patient as the HijackThis section is very busy.
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