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Currently I have this configuration:

[B]Disk 0 (basic)[/B]: WinXP (10GB), [I]Unallocated[/I] (110GB)
[B]Disk 1 (basic)[/B]: [I]Unallocated[/I] (400GB)
[B]Disk 2 (basic)[/B]: Win7 (500GB - raid0)
I would like to create one spanned volume from both unallocated partitions using the dynamic disk feature in windows 7. This way I can add space later if needed without having multiple volumes to think about. Also I hope that I will be able to quickly remove winxp when I don't need it anymore (waiting for updated software).

I currently boot into both xp and 7 with 7's boot menu.

To do what I plan I'd have to make both disk 0 and 1 dynamic and that would include the partition with windows xp. When I try to do this I get a warning that I will not be able to boot any installed operating systems on that volume after the conversion.

Is that the case? I really don't want to reinstall everything again...

Btw, xp put it's boot files (ntdlr, boot.ini) on the windows 7 partition onto which I installed 7 after xp without formatting it and that partition is set as the booting one in the bios.

Also, I found this here and it might help me but I'm not sure...

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