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Recently I bought Modern Warfare 2..played multiplayer and it was great, I had 0 lag running @ 800x 600 with Spectacular map. It was smooth and I had no problems

But I've found out that Call of duty 4 has been lagging ever since I got it because of punkbuster, now in MW2 theres no punkbuster and I don't lag so I don't believe its my system :( (v)


Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.20 GHZ
2 GB RAM @ 667

If I turn off punkbuster and go into a a non-pb server there is no lag, if I go into one with PB enabled I lag so frking bad....and I've scanned my system for virus, formatted, uninstalled unnecessary programs to no success. I can only say something in my system(or my internet) is conflicting with punkbuster, and I'm not the only one who has been experiencing this in my clan.

Lag is like FPS drops, If I cap my FPS @ 125 it will drop down to 91 or 80 making the game skip, if I fire a shot at someone it won't register obviously...really really REALLY FRUSTRATING

Can it be my router? Firmware? I heard from a friend who has this problem and upgraded firmware version and solved it but I'm not sure.

Please help, thanks. :smile: Id appreciate if someone could tell me and help find a solution, because I've beared up this lag for so long and just can't take it anymore
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