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COD2 ISO test image mount not working...

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Here is what I have done:

I have installed the latest Daemon Tools and created a virtual drive. I then mounted and ISO as an image as directed in a tutorial. Once installing the game, that is mounted on the virtual driver it still requests the CD to be inserted to play even though technically it is inserted. (On the proviso that windows can't tell the difference between a real drive and a mounted Image.

What I need is:
Further instruction on how make it think the cd is actually in the driver like it should do. Or correction on a mistake I have made in the proccess.

All of this is not nessesary because I do have the original disk I am just learning about image mounting. And I am frustraited as to why it is doing what it is doing.
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I would suggest alcohol 120% or alcohol 52% which is free. because alcohol 52% can create a ISO image using the CD that most of the time will work. just download it and then use the cd wizard thing. If you have any questions ask.
So will Alcohol 52 or 120 work with *.iso format?

BTW Thanks.
It will do the same job as Daemon Tools, but not all games can be mounted to a virtual drive as this bypasses their security. Can you post the tutorial or a link to it?
I would just like to mention, this is a gray area as far as legality is concerned. Copyright concerns have prompted the use of CD keys to keep people from illegally copying or sharing games. Therefore, eliminating the need for the disk goes against why the companies created the need. I'll let this thread continue since you have the original disk (assuming it's yours), but I'm going to keep an eye on it.
@gamerman0203 - Thanks Gamerman. Yes I have the original disks. The main reason I want to do this is to avoid needing the disks all the time. So I can just have the lifted *.iso file on my PC and just mount to play leaving my driver for other things. Seeing I only have one ****ty 52x CD/CD-ROM driver which means it wont take the DVD format that COD2 uses. (Well i can't read it anyhow) So I use my brothers PC and then transfer via networking.

The other reason is so I can find out how to do it which really isnt a huge one.

@koala - Help2Go
- Found by searching "how to mount an image" in Google.

Tutorial - "Yesterday we used ISO Recorder to create an ISO image file. Now, let's mount it as a virtual CD-ROM on our PC. To mount the ISO image file, we are going to use a free piece of software called Daemon Tools.

The first step is to download Daemon Tools. Make sure you get the latest version! During the installation, make sure you uncheck the DAEMON Tools Search Bar. You do not want that installed.

When DAEMON Tools starts, you will see a red lightning bolt icon in your system tray, near the clock. You will use this icon to interact with the Daemon Tools program.

Daemon Tools mount ISO image icon

Right click on the system tray icon and choose Virtual CD/DVD-ROM, then Set Number of Devices. Choose 1. This will create a new "virtual" CD-ROM drive on your computer. It is assigned a letter, like E:, just like any other drive on your computer.

Now that the drive exists, you can mount your ISO image file. Richt-click on the icon again and choose Virtual CD/DVD-ROM. Then select the drive that was just created - it should start with Device 0:. Then click on Mount Image.

Now simply select the ISO image file you want to mount. Daemon Tools can mount many other image file formats, including BIN, CUE, MDS, and more.

Once it has been mounted, your new virtual CD-ROM drive will act as if it has a CD or DVD inside, with the contents of your ISO image file. Try opening your virtual drive in My Computer. Windows can't tell the difference between your virtual drive and your real CD/DVD drive.

It's worth noting that some new video games require you to unload Daemon Tools before you can play the game. This is to prevent privacy. To exit Daemon Tools, right-click on the icon and choose Exit.

Also check out our tutorial on how to burn the ISO image to CD/DVD with more free software."

@mecoatwar - I tried using Alcohol but it still wouldn't read the *Disk*.
There must be something I'm doing wrong, or is it just COD2's "legality" issues which wont allow it, because of "bypassing security."
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Check this out if you are still having problems.

Game Jackal -

I've seen it used before and it's pretty decent. You can d/l a trial version it that allows you 250 uses before it expires. Each time you start a game with it, that is considered a use (I think). But keep in mind, this is only legal if you have the original disks. I'm not trying to be a harpy here, but TSF likes to keep things legit.
Did DAEMON Tools register these new drives are writables? Some games employ protection by detecting the presence of a writer drive.

I also prefer to make ISO's of my games due to my laziness in regards to swapping discs...
@ gamerman0203 - I assure you its Legit, Thanks for the link I will have a long look through it and get back here with my results.

@ ebackhus - I didn't know other people had thought about this too. So you obviously know what it is that im trying to achieve.
Have you done it to COD2 Before? Did it Work?

How would i ensure that the virtual drives are writable?
you could also get magiciso. clcik on the word magic iso
you do own this game right? cause you cant really do anything if you dont own it meaning you cant create an iso image without the original disc
Yes I have it. I have already made the iSO, using PoweriSO. Now I need to make it work on my PC which does NOT have a DVD/CD-ROM Drive.

But i finally got it to work!

I don't know exactly why it wouldn't before, but I manage to run it fine with Daemon Tools.

Thanks to all who tried to help me, You inspired me to keep trying new ways till finally it worked.

@ gamerman0203 - Thanks for letting this thread run. You can now delete/close it as you see fit.

Thanks LiamMcIlveen
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