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Cluttered Address Bar

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Is is possible to delete some of the addresses on your address bar and leave some. Over time I've typed in incorrect address and they come up in quick fill before the one I really want.

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It's an all-or-nothing thing, I'm afraid. To clean them out, you will need to open Internet Explorer and do this:

- Click on Tool/Internet Options
- Click on Content tab
- Click on AutoComplete button
- Here you will find a button to Clear Forms. Click this and they all go away.
Hey there,
I too am having similiar problems. The address bar keeps showing previous addresses and files that I've accessed months and years ago. Things such as fSACOF.lnk and URL's still reappear despite using the method above, and also clear history under the "general" tab. Only URL's and file links that I've just typed get deleted while these old ones stay. Is there a way as it gets very very annoying.
ALternate method:

Download/install/run a program called CleanUp!
The above link didn't work for me ('could not be found' error).
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