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The top left corner on my Zire 72 is blinking. I had replaced the battery last month. Does that mean the battery is NOT charging? I have no clue. Can you enlighten me? Thanks
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Hello and Welcome to the forum. This area is for introductions only, so please post your question in the forum area that deals with the appropriate problem.
Like I've written: I'm clueless about a lot of things in the computer world. Is this where I post my bio? Anyway, I've served 10 years with the good ol' USAF as a crypto logic linquist (that means just able to blab in various languages); toiled as a reporter for about 18 years and am now retired. I traveled a lot and enjoy interacting with the world.
Hi there. Welcome aboard. :wave:
Retired also.
Welcome to tsf
and welcome to the Forum

. . also retired . . well . . sort of . .
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Thank all of you who have welcomed me. I'll just stumble and fumble my way around the forum; that way, I'll learn as I meander around this awesome website...
I could give direct links for a starter. But, the best way is to stumble around and look at all the different areas for support. You will find main groupings with smaller sub-forums that deal with specific areas.

I see you found a place to post your question......same place I was going to copy your first post in this thread....:grin:. You did latch onto an old thread but we'll see what happens.
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