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Close all windows?

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Anyone know a kb shortcut for close all windows?

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There's a key labeled RESET on my computer that does that in a flash! :D:D

Do you want to minimize them, or close the programs? You could write a script with AutoIt to do something like this. You'd just get the active window, close it, get the next one, close it, etc., until you ran out of active windows. Should be pretty simple to do.
I want to have some kind of function where I can close all running windows.

I don't know how to do the scripting.

I guess something like,

for each open window
....get active window

That would be cool, if you can "easily" write it, how about posting? :D
If you download the program from the reference in my previous message and look at the help file, you may be able to write it yourself. I charge money to write programs. :D
<ctrl>+<alt>+<del>...end task...explorer.exe....... Then <ctrl>+<alt>+<del>... again...go to "file, new task", type in explorer................
ending and restarting explorer only shutsdown and restarts all explorer windows (my computer, etc) and the system taskbar and tray. All open programs will continue running.
I know what you mean, there used to be this function in win98 from what I remember, you could hold shift and close one window and everything else would terminate as well..... It's not in win2k/NT though, and scripting is way beyond me
Try This and let us know how it works.............:D
Cool...I'll probably download that.
you could also hold down alt+F4.. it closes everything, and when on your desktop, brings up the shutdown box..:winking:

speedo, that link seemed to be to a program for editing images, and it doesnt seem to have any control over shutting down windows other than its own.

forgive me if i am wrong.

Looks like I needed to do a little more research before I posted it Huh................I So Sorry..................:sigh:

It sure sounded good though................:rolleyes:

it is a worthwhile program though, i downloaded it and am happily using it

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