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Client pc cannot connect to websites containing msn or hotmail

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I have 2 home computers.

THe 1st computer connects to the internet through ISP.

2nd PC connects to my 2nd pc by ethernet cable and connects to the internet through my 1st pc internet connection.

My problem is that my 2nd pc cannot acces or it can access other sites. It does not have any firewalls on, not windows firewall. I have flushed DNS on that computer but nothing.
I have downloaded AVG anti virus, spybot destroy, adaware for any virus etc but comes up with nothing.

My 1st pc can access the msn website and hotmail or any microsoft website. I also tried connecting a another PC to my 1st pc and that computer couldn't access or I have tried turning firewall off on 1st PC + windows firewall too.

I have also done scans on all 3 computers.

Any ideas why this is happening.
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can you ping those websites with the 2nd computer?
it wont let me ping on my main computer or the 2nd one but i can ping on 2nd pc
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