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Clearing volitile memory

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If i do alot of cutting , pasting, file editing, etc, after a while my computer goes sluggish, and needs a reboot. Is there anyway to just wipe memory leaks from the ram through software?

Athlon 1 GHZ
512mb SDram
Win ME
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I'm going to guess that you are running Windows 98 or ME. What you're seeing is resource consumption, and the only cure is a reboot or an upgrade to Windows 2000 or XP. I used to reboot at least once a day with W98, I run for a week between reboots now, and they're only because my automated GHOST backup reboots the machine to do the backup. :)
Havent used it myself but give this a try...

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By Roger Chang
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Memory-Trax III (Mem-Trax III) is a small program that reclaims the memory Windows neglects to release when you quit out of a program. I'll demonstrate how it works on today's show.

Reclaiming memory makes your system run a bit more smoothly and reduces the frequency of system crashes caused by memory issues.

As you'll see, a dialog box pops up when you run Memory-Trax III. A meter shows you how much of your memory is currently in use.

Tell the program to automatically clear memory when memory usage reaches a certain limit or manually hit the reclaim memory button. Automatic mode features a voice alert telling you when memory reclamation begins and ends.

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