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Cleanup your Startup List in MSCONFIG

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I almost posted this as a question, but Google came thru for me again.

I wanted to get rid of all those old deleted programs that are choking my Startup List in MSCONFIG.

I knew they had to be in the registry somewhere, but I had no clue where.

I found this on some obscure forum:

The unchecked [disabled] items in MSCONFIG are moved here:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupreg]

Clear Disabled Items from Msconfig Startup [Tip 148]

The enabled ones might be present here:
and/or here:

I've downloaded and run the script from Kelly's Korner.

By answering the first question "Yes" it will ask you if you want to delete each item, one item at a time.
When the script is done running, the Startup list in MSCONFIG is clean.

I'll be carrying this little script with me on every call, to clean up my customer's Startup list after I've shut down all the unnecessary programs.

JFYI !!!

The Shadow :cool:
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Who Knows? The Shadow Knows......

Good info and Thanks for it.
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