ChromeOS, Google’s first attempt at a rival operating system against Microsoft's Windows and and Apple's OS X. The ChomeOS is a light weight, Linux based, operating system that does one thing: it runs Chrome; yes Chrome, the web browser.

Set to create budget friendly netbooks and laptops, the ChromeOS has been a successful hit for Google so far. With early adopters like HP, Acer, and Dell, we are seeing more and more ChromeOS based systems hit the market.

Well, during the 2014 Consumer Electrons Show, LG Electronics have taken the bold move to unveil the first Google Chrome-based all-on-one desktop computer.

Designed to look nearly identical to an iMac, the LG Chromebase (Model 22CV241) brings the ChromeOS into a reasonable 21.5 inch widescreen full HD IPS monitor or housing, which LG said was created to be efficient and space-saving.

The all-in-one system will run with an Intel Celeron CPU backed with 2GB of internal memory and a 16GB iSSD storage capability. With the addition of the Chrome Web Store, the online service opens a world of tens of thousands of third party apps, including Google based apps like Gmail, Drive, Search, Maps, YouTube, Play, Google+, and more.

Having a 178-degree adjustable viewing angle and 1.3 megapixel front camera it makes video chat and calling that much easier. “LG’s Chromebase is an exciting new form factor that expands the options available to customers who want a fast, simple and secure computer experience for the home, school or office,” stated Google product manager, Caesar Sengupta. “LG Electronics makes great devices that customers love, and we’re glad to welcome them to the Chrome family.”

LG did not mention anything about pricing or availability, but if the ChromeOS is to gain any market share, I would expect to see a price point of sub $400. As I have used the ChromeOS on an Acer C7, I do enjoy seeing the growth of this easy to use and simple operating system. Only time will tell on how well it really does again the OS giant, Windows.

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