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Alright this is going to take some typing so I apologize right now if this is to long.

For the past 3 weeks now I have been having some problems with my computer. I play a lot of games on my computer, actually that is the only thing I do on my computer besides using the internet. I was playing a game recently that would only work with Nvidia's 30.xx drivers so when I tried installing the new 40.72 drivers I had issues with the game. I rolled back the drivers and kept playing the game, a few weeks after that the company made a new patch that was going to fix the problems with Nvidia's new drivers. I installed them again but the game was still having issues so I rolled them back once again. After that 2nd roll back I have been getting real choppy game play in everything I try to play. The first time I rolled back I was sure I re-installed the old drivers I was going back to, the 2nd time I know I didn't. Thinking that would help I installed the 30.xx drivers, it didn't help out the problem. I have since beaten the game so I went up to 41.09 drivers that came out in the beginning of Dec. Those haven’t seem to help out my choppy game play ether.

I have tried everything I can think of, and suggestions I have gotten from other poeple. I have turned down lots of features on XP that suck up resources and back ground programs; that didn't help. I used to be able to run all kinds of things at once without having any issues with games. I could be downloading something and have multiple browsers open with no problem.

I have updated all my drivers for my hardware, check to see if my fans are working. It has been really cold lately here thought maybe if the computer warm up a little it would help; nope! (we don’t have heat up stairs)

I have turned off Vsync on openGL but I don't know how to do it in D3D.

I have re-installed windows to see if that could help, I have wiped my hard drive clean and then re-installed and still no help.

The games I have been playing are Arx Fatalis(that is the one with the driver problem), Gothic, Gothic 2 demo, and FIFA 2003. I'm really upset because Gothic 2 is really jumpy at points that is the game I have been waiting to play. I used to play my games with high resolution, AA on and in 32 bit color, now I have to run in 1024*768 and it still has problems.

Does it sound like something is going in my computer? I have been spoiled for a couple years with a HD that had liquid ball bearings that made no sound so now when my hard driver spins it sounds like something is wrong. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

My Computer Specs:
Win XP Pro
AMD 1700+
GeForce4 4400Ti
Soundblaster Audigy
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