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Choosing a sevrer OS please help

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I am looking for a server OS for a server at a company i look after IT wise,

the server has raid 1 and scsi its a brand new DELL PE 2800 dual xeon 3.0 and is only used as a file store and for file sharing between 15 workstation with differeing access permissions etc.. with either 2k pro or XP pro on them though in the future it will be running some finance software hence the overkill

what is the best (cheapest) OS to buy to forfil this role ?

do i even need a server OS what is the limit to XP pro or 2k pro file sharing one folder over a network ? and could they work with the RAID 1 its a perc 4e

any help would be appreciated

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I recommend Server 2003, however you can try to do it with XP if its just a file sharing. Win XP supports raid so there shouldn't be any problems. Kepp in mind that if you get Server OS you will need licenses (multiple = number of workstations) if you use XP only one license.

Test it with XP join it to a network and see how well it works if it doesn't work well you can always buy Server Os later.

good luck
Keep in mind that Windows XP Pro will only allow 10 connections at a time and Home will only allow 5. Therefore, with 15 desktops, you may have 5-10 at any given time that cannot access files on the server.

I would reccomend Windows 2003 Small Business Server if you anticipate small to moderate growth. If you expect rapid growth, I would invest in a Standard edition server. Either will additionally allow easy utilization of VPN, RRAS, Active Directory, WSUS, and other services that could come in handy and save you a lot of time.
If this is strictly a file server, install Fedora Core or SuSE Linux, and set up a SAMBA server.

Very easy, and costs nothing.


I would concurr that Small Business Server 2003 is probably the best way to go as this will support up to 50 users. However I would opt for the premium version, and remember when budgeting you will require an additional 10 client access licenses.

Feel free to email me if you need more assistance as I see you are UK based.
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