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Choosing a 5.1 surround sound card ~$85

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First of all, I have hardly any idea on how to choose a sound card...

The requirements:

-MUST be 5.1 surround sound or better (including 5.1)
-24-Bit sound
-around $85 for the card, not too expensive, but I don't want to have a $40 card either...
-Please an analog system, unless you have recommended some digital speakers
- PCI Card!!!

Please could you either give me a name and a link or choose from either of these sites please :)

$ to CHF = $ / 1.2

I play Half-life 2, Doom 3, Counter-strike:Source and soon Age of Empires III.

I would like the card to be decent for the next year atleast, preferably more.

Note: both links are swiss sites

Link 1 :
Link 2:

and again... CHF / 1.2 = $ ($ * 1.2 = CHF) :wink:

if you need to know anything else, just ask please.

BTW if you could suggest any sound systems from here it'd be very much aprreciated :)

I've been thinking about these speakers here:

lol sorry about all the links :tongue:

one more thing...if you think that those speakers there and this card here ( is a good combo, I'm glad and I'll get that.

Thanks for every reply :)

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Thanks dai, I'm glad to know that it's a good choice :tongue: ^^
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