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I'm trying to use a batch file to remotely create a directory on a server. When the directory is created it does not inherit the parent directory's permissions. But if I do it through windows explorer, right-click, New Folder, it does inherit permissions. I checked the parent directory's Advanced Security settings and the box saying "Inherit from parent the permission entries that apply to child objects. Include these with entries explicitly defined here." is checked. Our whole network is running XP so I don't have access to icacls.exe.

Here's what I have so far:

@echo off

set /p name="Enter the user's lastname and first initial: "

set /p login="Enter the user's login name: "

mkdir \\server\sharedfolder\%name%

cacls \\server\sharedfolder\%name% /g domain\%login%:c

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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