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chd3net network harddisk

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hello all,

I have bought a harddisk off 1 terabyte and an network casing from conceptronic. (The network case had a USB port and a ethernet port)

I want to use the disk as a NETWORK disk

when i connect everything (correctly :)) then disk hard disk is recongnised through the USB port but when i connect it with an ethernet cable it doesnt recognise the hard disk.

I can login into the network case (drive). (there is an integrated card that function as an FTP and web interface inside the case)

So i can login

but if i look in the menu i see disk id: Disk not found!

can someone tell me how to resolve this problem?

USB works (directly on a computer)
Ethernet does NOT work) (Disk not found!)

kind regards

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it is this error

"Device not found!" is displayed.<br>
Under "Status"<br>
Under "SMB Server" configuration in the "Folder list"<br>
Under "FTP Server" configuration in the "Home Directory"<br>

but NOT the answer from the FAQ from conceptronic

This message occurs when both USB and LAN cable are connected to the CHD3NET.<br>
Exit the WEB interface configuration and unplug the USB cable from the CHD3NET.<br>
When entering the WEB interface again, the disk is visible again.

(the usb cable ISNT connected only the ethernet is)
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